In conceptualizing SAF Virtual, we considered many approaches to understanding, exploring and subverting the predetermined logics and ways of the digital platforms we’ve been flung into. People have sought intimacy, freedom, connection, solidarity through online platforms before—but rarely has our reliance on these platforms felt so visible, so extreme. We pondered on what it means to treat the internet as “site/s”—as moveable terrains that reveal as much as they conceal; as blocks that feel heavy and new but can be reassembled; as incidents that prompt action, thought, response.
In continuation of Serendipity Arts Virtual, we will be awarding a grant to two collectives, groups, duos, or collaborations to develop a project adapted to the digital space with funding up to 1 lakh per project. Projects have to interdisciplinary in nature, inviting collaborative projects, and will be hosted on the Serendipity Arts Virtual site/domain.

SUNO (सुनो) is a new media experiment, exploring the intersections between the art of storytelling and digital soundscapes. Traversing the physical and virtual worlds, sensorially and symbolically, it recreates an obscure site based in the city of Delhi through aural immersion. In a world where overconsumption of disconcerting visuals has desensitized us, Suno will invite you to engage, empathise and discover a hidden landscape through digital storytelling.


Kanchan Joneja
Kanchan is a passionately curious design thinker based out of Delhi. She’s often found deep diving into wicked problems that cut across disciplines and designing thought provoking interventions or finding new ways of storytelling. Trained as an architect at the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, her work has largely been impact-driven, collaborative and grounded in the Indian development sector. Currently, she strives to scale social and environmental impact through multidisciplinary experiments at Off Centre Collective.

Mayank Joneja
Mayank is a robotics engineer who works on drones and camera systems for warehouses and also enjoys creative coding. He has worked on interactive art installations in the past to make people dance to pollution and has been exposed to design thinking through design innovation workshops. As a passionate drummer and drone enthusiast, Mayank has been exposed to plenty of pleasant (and unpleasant) sounds ever since his teenage.

Sukriti Thukral
Sukriti is a keen observer and synthesizer of the world. Trained as an Architect, she works in the domain of research, strategy, and design investigating the invisible layers of our environment. With her love for design, data, and humans, she aspires to drive innovation and positive impact. Alumni of the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, and co-founder at Off Centre Collective, she tells stories that amplify social and environmental impact in the Indian context.

Instructions to navigate your project page 


  1. Switch off the lights
  2. Drop the curtains
  3. Plug in your headphones
  4. Click on the screen
  5. Immerse yourself